Pad Workout For Punching And Shoulder Endurance

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Shoulder Warm Up/Workout on Pads Ever wonder what’s up with that Mayweather pad work? Well, this will surely give you a peek at what’s underneath. A workout won’t be a good workout without a good warm up. Your body is like an elastic band, if you stretch it while it’s cold, it’s going to snap. We’re here to train, so, obviously, we don’t want to go to Snap City. However, what makes this warm up/workout …

hand speed workout

Hand Speed Workout For Muay Thai

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How to punch faster and increase your hand speed with these simple exercises Want to know how to punch faster and have more powerful, knockout punches? Well if you’re like me you are always looking to improve your hand speed, explosiveness and power. I always want to try to increase my punching speed, power and overall conditioning for Muay Thai, do you? Luckily my former boxing trainer and coach, John Nuculovic, knows his shit. John has been in …