Switch hitting is a tricky technique that confuses your opponent & readies them for your KO strike. Jason “The Nak Muay Ninja” Lee and Sean Fagan team up for this lesson on switch hitting . . 


Switch hitting is difficult but if done right, it can be one of the greatest tools inside your arsenal.

Let’s take a look at Giorgio Petrosyan. Everyone knows who he is. He is the defensive mastermind, the Floyd Mayweather of kickboxing.

Giorgio boasts a record of 76-1 – or should I say, “boasted.” In 2013, Petrosyan suffered the first and only knockout loss of his career to Andy Ristie. Given that Giorgio has been on a 12-fight win streak since, that makes Ristie’s KO even more impressive.

How did he do it? With switch-hitting. This video will present some basic principles and techniques to get the job done:


Andy Ristie is one of the most unique switch-hitters in all of combat sports. Fighting him is like fighting an octopus on overdrive.

But switch-hitting is not just unique to him. It is something which has been popularized by the Dutch and most notably Lucien Carbin.

Search Carbin up and let the knowledge flow. You will see pad work unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and you will become a feared knockout artist.

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