Super MTC 16 – International Fight Night, March 1st 2015

Fight preview of the upcoming Super MTC 16 show in the United Kingdom


The following guest post is written by Gui Hung of

The stand up part of MMA took a huge leap forward when former Muay-Thai-Guy Podcast guest Joe Schilling madehis debut appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast and this has created a buzz in the Kick boxing and Muay Thai world. 

Joe spoke of his recent 8 man tournament win but also of his mental game that has really developed with the help of commentator Vinnie Shoreman.  Shoreman is a regular commentator for the MTC shows and is becoming a guru in the industry.

Super MTC returns to Scala, UK to bring us the latest installment of this fascinating Muay Thai event.  These shows are traditionally the home stomping ground for Team Tieu as head coach Philip and his exponentially growing team host the big day.  

With this success comes growth and this show will for the first time include 3 MMA  (mixed martial arts) fights in addition to 5 x Class A and 5 x Class B Muay Thai fights.

Check out the promotional video below to get a taste:

Former #1 ranked fighter at 57kg and Philip’s younger brother Matthew Tieu will return to the ring to defend his world title against Nestor Rodriguez from Spain.  Matthew’s last two fights were cancelled due to last minute injuries and his appetite to come back and show that this time off has not affected his game is strong.  They say that the 60 day fight camp preparation, leading up to fight day, drastically improves the complete skill set of a fighter. Matthew is the most successful fighter to ever come out of Team Tieu and all eyes will be on him come fight day.


The youngest brother of the Team Tieu family, David (15-2) will also take to the stage and against Griphouse Gym’s Brian Totty (20-4).  Totty has moved up from 63kg to take on this fight. After speaking with the fans it’s clear that this is going to be a very close yet unpredictable fight in terms of outcome and fight style. Gui’s prediction for ‘fight of the night’

Christie Brereton (17-4) fighting out of  Chaos Gym and will be looking to continue her run of great form against Irene Fernandez Plaza (Spain). Christi holds the #1 spot at 55kg and is a personal favorite of mine as her blonde locks and winning ways are akin to the fascinating Ronda Rousey qualities.

Two other fights to keep an eye out for are firstly, Ryan Li’s (Team Tieu) return to the ring after his first loss last year.  With a 10 fight winning streak, Ryan has lost twice in a row and is determined to demonstrate his improvement when he meets Kleanthis Kyriakou (Greece).  Secondly, Jose Valera is always a crowd pleaser and showman.  He takes to the ring against Mouzakitis Palvos (Greece).

For more information search Super MTC on Facebook and if you have any questions (tickets almost sold out), shoot a message to Sean and we will make sure you get a response. @descartesgui

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