Spinning Back Kick KO – Advanced Muay Thai Technique

How To Throw The Spinning Back Kick Technique

Muay Thai isn’t necessarily known for spinning back kicks, but if setup and timed properly this advanced technique can lead to a devastating liver kick knockout. If you’ve ever been kicked hard in the body before, it doesn’t get much worse than having someone’s heel dig into your liver while you crumble to the ground.

Although this spinning kick technique is primarily used in Taekwondo, there’s been a fair share of Muay Thai fighters who have used it successfully throughout their careers (Cyrus Washington, Nokweed Davy, and Bennie “The Jet” Urquidez just to name a few). If you’re looking to add some advanced spinning attacks to your arsenal then check out this technique tutorial by coach Jason Farrell of Level Up Boxing:

Spinning Back Kick To The Liver

Earlier I mentioned Nokweed Davy as one of the Muay Thai fighters who uses spinning kicks (and other spinning attacks) very successfully in his fights. He’s 3x champion of the Rajadamnern Stadium and multiple time world champion, he’s got a full arsenal of kicks. Amazing guard, amazing kicks, who said Muay Thai fighters don’t spin?

Watch this Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown on Nokweed Davy who is the original “giant challenger.”

Muay Thai Spinning Attacks: Nokweed Davy

It doesn’t get much more brutal than seeing a killer spinning elbow knockout. This deadly Muay Thai technique is a very dangerous weapon if used properly. Learn how to throw the spinning elbow with correct techniques from UK Champ Damien Trainor.

Spinning Elbow Knockouts | Muay Thai Technique

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