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How To Throw The Spinning Back Fist and Elbow

The spinning back fist and spinning back elbow are two advanced Muay Thai techniques that are same same, but different.

The back fist technique allows you to have a bit more range when attacking your opponent since you’re able to extend your arm out. On the other side, the spinning back elbow is used more as a close range weapon due to it’s tighter range of motion.

Interested in learning how to throw and setup both of these advanced Muay Thai technique? Watch the video below to see how these dangerous strikes are utilized in the context of a fight.  Muay Thai champ Mathias Gallo Cassarino of 7 Muay Thai Gym in Thailand demonstrates how to throw these two advanced Muay Thai techniques.

Spinning Back Fist and Elbow

These two techniques can be fight finishers if landed… but the hard part is actually landing them! There are a variety of setup techniques you can use if you want to land one of these killer strikes. Here’s a nifty spinning back elbow setup by fighter Emilio Pineda that might be a nice addition to your arsenal of attacks!

Muay Thai Spinning Elbow KO Technique

Enjoying these spinning attacks? Well there are plenty more where that came from!

Besides the spinning back fists and elbows, there are obviously kicks. Although they aren’t used often in Muay Thai fights, they still have a place in the ring and can lead to amazing finishes if thrown with clean technique and timed properly. Don’t believe me? Watch this Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown on Nokweed Davy who is the original “giant challenger.”

He’s 3x champion of the Rajadamnern Stadium and multiple time world champion, he’s got a full arsenal of kicks. Amazing guard, amazing kicks, who said Muay Thai fighters don’t spin?

Muay Thai Spinning Attacks: Nokweed Davy

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