Southpaw Techniques: Kick, Cross Combo

Using The Left Roundhouse To Setup The Cross

Threats can often be as powerful as actual pain.

The anticipation of a strike is what you may take advantage of, and this is exactly the topic of the day. Not every strike in a combination is meant to be the finishing move. The purpose of a combination is not to hit with all punches, knees, kicks, or elbows, though that would be great, it is to make sure that the important strikes are the ones that land.

Sometimes, the entire purpose of a combination can be to set up the last strike. Think Ernesto Hoost’s low kicks. The classic Dutch combo, as we now know it, of 1-2-livershot is simply a set up for the last strike of the combo, the leg kick.

However, if you’re tired or don’t want to throw strikes to distract the opponent, simply threaten them. Feint away.

I could think of no better pairing to the above technique than the double kick. This technique is not only a prerequisite to the above technique, but it can be mixed and matched in an endless combination of fun. Fun for you, not fun for your opponent. And this video is almost important because…it’s not limited to southpaws.

Even if you’re an orthodox fighter, you will find both of these videos helpful. Because the core principle of the technique is to use the load up of a technique as a feint. You may feint a lead hook by twisting to the side and following up with a right roundhouse kick. You may fake a step forward so your opponent thinks you’re to jab them, then you may leap forward with a teep. The options are endless.

Muay Thai Basic Technique: The Double Kick

The master of the feint was none other than the greatest of all time, Samart Payakaroon. The fight in the video below is a masterclass in feinting and using your opponent’s reactions against them. Panic doesn’t pay. Well, it pays you.

To observe the master feinter in all his glory, let us borrow the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Samart Payakaroon: Turning Tactics | [Kenshin Minute Breakdowns]

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