Southpaw Tactics: Shake, Rattle, Roll

Deadly Livershot Combo 

Every strike needs a safe entry and a safe exit, just as a plane needs a safe takeoff and a safe landing.

Punching the liver is not easy in a southpaw vs orthodox matchup. Your rear hand must reach to a part of your opponent’s body that’s farthest from you and turned away. However, there is a simple and safe way to enter the range: the shake, rattle, and roll.

For a safe entry, the combination begins with a simple jab that relies on a fighter’s tendency to raise their gloves to defend an attack. However, if your opponent does not react in this way, you can simply stick your palm up, making the “stop” sign, and blind your opponent that way. From there, we enter the nitty gritty:

The bread and butter of any southpaw must be their left roundhouse kick. The left roundhouse kick can be quick and damaging. In the video below, Chris Mauceri takes the left roundhouse kick and builds upon it. Rather than patiently and sneakily fighting for the dominant outside angle, Mauceri uses the jab to disguise his step which gains him lead foot dominance.

He then immediately throws his roundhouse once he’s in position. By jabbing, he has distracted the opponent long enough to move to the dominant angle without being hindered. Once he is in position, he is completely out of his opponent’s range and is able to land a roundhouse kick cleanly and safely. For more details about the technique, check out the video below:

Southpaw Tactics: Jab, Roundhouse Setup and Technique

We’ve learned the switch step. We love the roundhouse kick. Now, let’s combine the two.

It is no doubt the dream of all fighters to land a head kick KO. It’s, of course, difficult to put your rear foot against someone’s head. However, if you have the setup, you will have the knockout. Let’s see the setup analyzed in the Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Moments of Brilliance: Buakaw’s Dominant Angle Switch-Kick | Lawrence Kenshin

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