Southpaw Tactics: Jab, Roundhouse Setup and Technique

Chris Mauceri Demonstrates a Jab, Roundhouse Combo

Sometimes the best set ups are the simplest.

Think of how many knockouts you can get with a simple 1-2 head kick. Anthony Pettis landed a kick, shin to chin, on Joe Lauzon with a simple 1-2 feint into a head kick. The key to any setup, of course, is to distract your opponent, and in order to distract your opponent, you must be able to threaten your opponent.

If your 1-2 hurts less than a pillow to the face, then you’ll have a hard time drawing a defensive reaction from it. That’s why you must understand how to choose your combos. For instance, the jab and roundhouse kick. The jab should be your best technique. The jab is constantly used and has infinite variations. Your ability to jab often has a direct correlation with your ability to manage distance and thus your ability to fight. Plus, your jab will set up most of your offense.

The roundhouse kick, on the other hand, will probably be your most powerful technique. When you combine the jab and roundhouse kick, you will get amazing results:

Like that punch-kick combo? Then how about a kick-punch combo? The below technique is one demonstrated by DJ Miller. The principles are the same as the jab-roundhouse combo I talked about earlier. The first strike distracts, the second finishes. For the finer details, check out the video below:

Muay Thai Southpaw Techniques: Kick, Cross Combo

Great fighters don’t need a library’s worth of techniques to become champion. Sometimes all a fighter needs are 3 techniques to devastate.

Nong-O has been branded to be the second best pound-for-pound fighter of all time. Now, Nong-O definitely has a deep knowledge of every strike in Muay Thai. However, instead of throwing everything but the kitchen sink at his opponent, he only uses 3 techniques. Let’s see them in action and dive into the mind of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Striking Chess Masters: The Lead Side Triple Threat ft. Nong-O

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