Southpaw Tactics: 3 Left-Hand Counter Techniques

Glory Fighter Chris Mauceri Demonstrates 3 Left-Hand Counters

There are two different types of counter fighters. There are those who wait for counters and those who draw them out.

Anderson Silva is an example of the former. If you do not engage him, he will do nothing. Tyron Woodley is an example of the latter. He will willingly put his back to the fence to draw his opponents in. When his opponents take the bait, he lunges forward with a lightning fast and thunderous right hand, knocking his opponents senseless.

Obviously, waiting is not enough. Anderson Silva was defeated by Chris Weidman precisely because Weidman did not provide Anderson Silva with opportunities to counter, though he did provide Silva with plenty of opportunities for leg kicks.

If you want to be like a Tyron Woodley or a Conor Mcgregor, drawing counters and putting your opponents to sleep in the most beautiful and brutal fashion, you need to learn the below 3 left-hand counters and the principles of these counters in the video below taught by Glory fighter Chris Mauceri:

3 Left-Hand Counters For Muay Thai

In learning anything, it is not enough to know isolated facts. In Muay Thai, if you only learn a technique without understanding how it blends into your personal fight game, then you’re basically only learning isolated facts. You can throw a perfect straight left, but if you don’t know how it blends into the fight game and your fight game, it’s useless. It’s like having perfect pronunciation of a language but not knowing any grammar.

This is why the above video exists. It is meant to be a perfect blend of learning technique and learning how the technique can be implemented into your fight game.¬†You’ve no doubt learned a lot from this video. Now imagine what you could learn in a video literally 20 times as long. And now imagine that you have multiple videos like that. That is Nak Muay Nation 2.0.

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