SOUTHPAW Head Kicks How-To

Use These Techniques to Land Head Kicks at Will

Head kick KOS are rare and savage.

The head kick is the slam dunk of combat sports. While it is not uncommon to see many slam dunks in a basketball game, it is rare to see even a single head kick KO on an entire fight card. In short, they’re tough to land.

Sure, it’s hard to raise your foot and smack it against someone’s skull; some people could tear their groin apart and TKO themselves just by trying.

Evolve MMA is here to save the day. In the below video, Sam-A demonstrates a method of landing head kick KOs for or against southpaws (if you’re orthodox).


Disrupting Balance

Peter Aerts KTFO Jean Claude Leuyer

The primary principle in the above video is “break your opponent’s balance and you can land anything.”

Think about it. What does a person do when they’re off-balance? Are they thinking about what their opponent is doing? Are they worrying about getting head kicked?

They have one goal and one goal only: get steady again. To regain his balance, your opponent must drop his hands, lowering his center of gravity. Well, isn’t that just convenient for us?

There are many ways to break your opponent’s balance, but let’s forget the fancy trips and return to a more primal, simpler technique: use the push, as Peter Aerts does in the above GIF.


Initation Deception

Let’s move to Mirko Cro Cop‘s setup. Sticking with the theme of simplicity, we’re going to examine how Cro Cop lands head kicks with a simple straight left and left roundhouse combo.

The rear straight and rear roundhouse have a similar initiation. The rear shoulder pushes forward, the hip turns, and the foot pivots. The rest of the technique is different, of course, but we only need the initiation to be similar.

Fighters need to react quickly so they learn to read what strikes will be thrown by the initiating motions. If you pop a few straights and all of a sudden raise up that foot to smack your opponent’s skull, you could tear their souls apart and earn yourself a KO victory.

Slam dunk.

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