RECAP: Lion Fight 38 In Photos

Switch Kicks, Spinning Elbows & Other KOs Abound!

Lion Fight 38 gave fight fans a lot of reasons to cheer, including a savage jumping kick KO by a young up-and-comer. A mix of fresh faces and established talent in Muay Thai packed a card that filled the void of a weekend without any major MMA events in the USA.

Due to visa issues for the Thai fighters that were to be the main event, Regian Eersal stepped up and took on the last man to beat him in Matous Kohout. Eersal’s super middleweight title was on the line and the fight most certainly did not disappoint.

Editor’s note: Feature and other images in this article courtesy of Walt Zink.

MAIN EVENT: Regian Eersal vs. Matous Kohout

Eersal was looking to avenge his last loss – a decision to Czech fighter Kohout. That fight was on Kohout’s home turf whereas this one was essentially held at a second home for Eersal.

Flying knees and constant forward motion established the Eersal’s tone. Kohout is an extremely tough fighter, but in the fifth round a series of liver shots were just too much for his body to handle. Eersal would win 1:01 into the fifth round to retain his Lion Fight super middleweight title and improve to 47-4.


Editor’s note: Feature and other images in this article courtesy of Walt Zink.

Elijah Clarke vs. Juan Jackson

This was easily the closest and possibly the best¬†fight of the night. Clarke, from New York, may have gotten a bit of a home field push, but that isn’t to say he didn’t earn the win. All five rounds were highly contested.

Clarke continually worked his long range whenever possible and Jackson was stronger in the clinch. Clarke would end up winning the fight unanimously, but this fight was much closer than the judges’ scorecards would lead fight fans to believe.

Timothy Woods vs. Brett Hlavacek

Hlavacek had come off of two close losses in the last year to two rising stars of American Muay Thai in Chip Moraza-Pollard and Paul Banasiak. Here, he was working to find some redemption against veteran fighter Timothy Woods.

Hlavacek set the tone early by dominating the clinch. He also opened up a small cut via an elbow on Woods’ head that he continually tried to target for the last three rounds. Woods was game and a very tough opponent, but this was Hlavacek’s night. He would get the easy win to improve to 18-5 in his career.

Jafar Toshev vs. Jonathan George

Toshev is a young man that everyone should keep an eye on. His two pro fights have yielded two quick knockouts. This one came at the expense of Jonathan George via a spectacular flying switch kick to the head less than two minutes into the fight.

For George, it’s his second consecutive early defeat. In July, he lost by KO in the first round to Rami Elite fighter Joe Logan at Warrior’s Cup. Logan vs. Toshev could be a very intriguing match-up in the future.

Editor’s note: Feature and other images in this article courtesy of Walt Zink.

Steve Walker vs. Robert Morrow

Walker is another exciting new face. This was also his second pro bout and he would get his second knockout in as many tries.

Robert Morrow is a veteran MMA fighter but this was his pro Muay Thai debut and Walker was just too much for him. Walker is explosive for his size, with good hands. Combined with his aggressive fight style, it led to a long three rounds for Morrow, who finally fell with just seconds left in the third.

Chris Mims vs. Brian Bogue

Both of these fighters were making their pro debuts. Neither showed nerves as they went right at each other from the start.

Bogue won a close first round but Mims caught him with his hands down in the second. Mims landed a hard spinning elbow, which would end the fight just 25 seconds into the second round. Both of these guys showed promise and we should be seeing them again in the near future.

Jessi Hackett vs. Yeison Berdugo

The first pro fight of the evening would end in injury, as Hackett would suffer a broken rib in the fourth round.

Berdugo was cautious most of the fight and tried to pepper Hackett with quick strikes and combos. Hackett’s pro debut was impressive; he wasn’t scared to mix things up but eventually fell into a pattern that Berdugo caught onto. A teep by Berdugo would end the night for Hackett in the fourth round.

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