REAL THAI: Cook, Train, Fight

Discovering The Real Thailand With Andy Tiet

Muay Thai is everywhere in Thailand. After all, it is the country’s national sport. So easily accessible is Muay Thai in Thailand that one can even train with Rajadamnern champions at a hotel. Yep – that’s how much they love their Muay Thai.

Our guide Andy Tiet had the opportunity to train with a Rajadamnern Stadium champion and a veteran of over 350 fights. Can’t get that at the Hard Rock, can you?

But before training with the two-time Rajadamnern champion, Andy goes to Chiang Mai to observe another master at work, demonstrating their craft:

Once In A Lifetime

If you’re thinking “Thailand is something else,” then you’d be correct.

Now, do you want to experience that culture? Do you want to know what it’s like to live in a country where you can train with a Rajadamnern champion at a hotel?

It is possible to do just that. In fact, it is possible to do all of that and more. Nak Muay Nation is committed to spreading Muay Thai, and that doesn’t just mean through the interwebs. It means in person as well. It has never been easier to go to Thailand and train with the best fighters in the game.

You’ll be living like a fighter for anywhere from two weeks to two months, at your choice of either Khongsittha Gym or Diamond Muay Thai. This will be an experience unlike anything. Well, not quite unlike anything. Just take what you felt watching Andy’s video and multiply that by… 1000. And if you’ve watched the second episode, then yes – it is possible for you to meet the legendary Buakaw.

Why are you waiting??

Take the dive into the experience of a lifetime. For upcoming dates of Thailand Training Camp, go to

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