Powerplay Promotions 22 Preview – John Wayne Parr vs. Cosmo Alexandre

powerplay promotions 22 jwp vs cosmo

John Wayne Parr and Cosmo Alexandre will face off in a rubber match at Powerplay Promotions 22 in Australia on November 8th. The fighters have fought twice previously with JWP winning the first via unanimous decision and Cosmo winning the 2nd via leg kicks, so it should be interesting to see who gets his hand raised this time around!!

John Wayne Parr (Boonchu Gym)

One of the legends of the sport, John Wayne Parr has fought the best in the world and consistently proves why he is a 10x muay thai world champion. As a professional boxer he went 10-3 with 10 KO’s so he obviously packs a punch. His aggressive, hard-nosed style is a handful for anyone to handle and this fight shouldn’t be any different than the previous 2 he’s had with Cosmo.

Cosmo Alexandre (Blackzillians)

Cosmo is definitely the bigger of the two fighters so look for him to use his size to his advantage. His last fight at Lion Fight 11 he showed superior technique and outclassed his Thai opponent Nampon PK Muay Thai in a relatively slow moving, boring main event. Expect Cosmo to be prepared for JWP’s aggressive style and look for him to attack the lead leg which won him the 2nd fight.

John Wayne Parr vs. Cosmo Alexandre 1

John Wayne Parr vs. Cosmo Alexandre 2


Final Thoughts

It’s really a crap shoot picking a winner with both fighters being technically sound, physically strong and experienced against tough, world-class opponents. If I had to give an edge it would be to Cosmo Alexandre just for the fact that he has a size and reach advantage, but look for John Wayne Parr to eliminate that advantage by constantly moving forward and pressuring Cosmo throughout the entire fight.

What do you think about the match up?

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