Powerful Punching Counters To The Teep

How To Parry and Counter The Teep With Powerful Punches

Getting jabbed in the stomach repeatedly by a teep can be rather frustrating. Instead of letting your opponent get away with keeping you at distance and hurting your body, why not counter and make him pay for teeping you?

From parrying, catching and evading, there are a number of counter variations you can try when dealing with the teep. Below are some of the best teep counters that you can try out with the first one being from UK champ Damien Trainor from K-Star Legacy Gym.

Power Punching Counters to the Teep

Besides the parry variation that Damien shows in the technique tutorial above, there are other ways to parry the teep and counter that you should try out as well.

Take a look at a couple different counter techniques that I like to use when dealing with an opponent who likes to teep a lot:

How To Parry The Teep

And of course, if you’d rather not parry the teep and try to catch it instead, there are plenty of different options to choose from as well.

Chris Romulo of CROM Physical Culture shows us one of his favorite catch counters to the teep that end with a powerful hook to the chin of his opponent.

Teep Catch Counter to Power Left Hook

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Dig these teep counter techniques? Comment below if you’re gonna give them a try! Also, make sure to share it with your training partners and instructors so you can try it out during your next training session.

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