Podcast Fail… Kinda.

So, I had an awesome time talking with Dorian Price about his career and life in Thailand. He was the first and only foreign fighter to be sponsored by Sitmonchai in Bangkok and has fought at the top stadiums like Lumpinee and top promotions like Thai Fight. He shed some real insight on what training and life is like here in Thailand and…. I DIDN’T RECORD ANY OF IT!!!!

Needless to say, I was (and still am) pretty pissed off at myself when I realized the record button wasn’t on. Fortunately, Dorian is a cool dude and is willing to do a retake sometime this week, so I’ll have that episode up soon.

But I do have some good news for you podcast fans!

mza_7086720264245203950.170x170-75This past weekend I was asked to be on The Pursuit Podcast, which is a podcast about people who are pursuing their passion and living a different type of life. I had an awesome time talking with the host Robert Garza about a whole range of topics from believing in god to not settling for the typical “American” life.

Needless to say, most of these topics I normally don’t talk about on the Muay Thai Guy podcast, but we do talk about my Muay Thai career, Muay Thai Guy and a lot more. It felt like the interview flew by even though we talked for almost two hours!

Click here to take a listen and make sure to subscribe to The Pursuit Podcast! 


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