Petchboonchu FA Group: My Life As A Fighter

The Most Decorated Champion In Muay Thai History

petchboonchu-FP-2You’ve probably heard of Buakaw, Saenchai, Samart and other great Muay Thai fighters, but one name that often goes overlooked is Petchboonchu.

With a calm, quite demeanor, you wouldn’t think that Petchboonchu is an absolute killer who holds 13 championship belts with 7 of them being in different weight classes.

While climbing the rankings of Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums, he was able to beat a number of elite Thai fighters like beat Saenchai, Sam-A, Nong-O, Sagetdao and Orono… all of which are living legends in their own rights.

If you’ve watched any of his fights, you would know his clinch is by far his deadliest weapon. With a death grip and smooth technique, Petchboonchu is able to control the tempo and flow of a fight by instigating a grapple to negate the striking technique of guys like Saenchai and Nong-O.

Now at Evolve MMA in Singapore, Petchboonchu is taking a little break from fighting and focusing more on the training aspect of it all. On top of that, he’s also doing a little jiu-jitsu and wrestling which he will most likely pick up quickly.

Find out more about the story of this great Muay Thai champion
===> “My Life as a Fighter: Petchboonchu FA Group <===

Take a look at that one time I clinched Petchboonchu… I couldn’t move my neck for DAYS after!

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