3 LETHAL Muay Thai Clinch Techniques, Elbows and Sweeps

 Muay Thai Champion Petchboonchu’s Clinch Seminar at Khongsittha

petchboonchu clinch techniques

Petchboonchu’s death grip left my neck sore for days after the seminar.

Most casual Nak Muay know of names like Buakaw, Saenchai, and Yodsanklai, but very few know of arguably the best fighter out of all of them… Petchboonchu.

Not only has Petchboonchu beat Saenchai on multiple occasions, but he also has won 14 world titles in 9 different weight classes! It’s hard to even fathom how incredible of a feat that is.

Think about it… we’re all hyped up about Conor McGregor fighting for 2 titles in 2 weight classes, but Petchboonchu has done it 7 more times!

And it’s not like these were chump titles either, they were won at the most prestigious stadiums in Thailand against the most dangerous fighters in the world.

Being that Petchboonchu is the most decorated Muay Thai fighter of all time, we can all agree that he is a complete badass, right?

Petchboonchu’s 3 Favorite Muay Thai Clinch Techniques

Recently at the first ever Nak Muay Nation Training Camp, we were fortunate enough to have a clinching seminar taught by the clinch master himself.

If you didn’t know, Petchboonchu is primarily a clinch fighter who smothers his opponents and can completely dominate his opponents with deadly elbows, knees and sweeps. Don’t take my word for it, watch this video which includes highlights and clinch techniques from the seminar at Khongsittha Gym:

Clinch Technique #1: Off Balance Sweep

One thing that Petchboonchu does incredibly well is time his opponents knees to off balance and toss them on the ground. Not only does this take fluid technique, but also impeccable timing as well.

As seen in most of his fights, Petchboonchu would often bait his opponent to throw knees inside the clinch. Once he gets his opponent biting on the bait, he would be able time when his opponent is on one foot from throwing the knee and then off balance and sweep him.

Clinch Technique #2: Evade Knee and Counter

Another technique that Petchboonchu excelled at was avoiding damage inside the clinch while simultaneously landing brutal knees to his opponents body.

There was two main techniques he showed us during the seminar. One was when he would shoot his hips inside to avoid the point of his opponents knee. The other technique involved shooting his hips and foot back to avoid a swinging knee and then counter with a spear knee.

Clinch Technique #3: Inside Elbow Positioning

One of my favorite clinch techniques he showed us involved elbows and knees while using the single arm crossface. Basically all you have to do is crossface your opponent with one arm (drive your fist into their chin and push back) and from there you’ll have optimal position to land a elbow over top their guard.

In the video you’ll see Petchboonchu use this technique on numerous occasions to land elbow and knees that scored big and helped him win numerous titles.

Nak Muay Nation – Thailand Training Camp

The training at the first ever Nak Muay Nation Training Camp at Khongsittha gym has been absolutely incredible. Besides that we’ve also had a number of memorable experiences including:thailand training camp at khongsittha muay thai

  • Seminars taught by elite Muay Thai champions Saenchai and Petchboonchu.
  • Exciting group nights out to watch fights at the prestigious Lumpinee and Rajadamnern.
  • Fight nights where teammates from the camp got to showcase their skills and experience fighting in Thailand.
  • Strength and conditioning sessions taught by the head coach of the Sports Authority of Thailand.
  • Delicious noodles, fried rice, seafood, curries and other Thai food.
  • Nights out experiencing the crazy Bangkok nightlife.
  • And much more more!

Everyone has been having an amazing time at the training camp and it’s been awesome seeing how much everyone’s Muay Thai skills have been improving. Since it’s been so much fun we will definitely be holding more in the very near future!

“This is my fourth trip to Thailand and having already trained in more than 10 camps, I can say that this training camp was by far one of the best I’ve ever been.”

– Anna S.

If you’re interested in potentially coming to a Nak Muay Nation Training Camp at Khongsittha Gym, make sure you go to ThailandTrainingCamp.com and sign up for updates!

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