Pad Workout For Punching And Shoulder Endurance

Shoulder Warm Up/Workout on Pads

Ever wonder what’s up with that Mayweather pad work?

Well, this will surely give you a peek at what’s underneath. A workout won’t be a good workout without a good warm up. Your body is like an elastic band, if you stretch it while it’s cold, it’s going to snap.

We’re here to train, so, obviously, we don’t want to go to Snap City. However, what makes this warm up/workout (you can use it for both) unique is its emphasis on the shoulders. Your shoulders are the hips of your upper body, so one giant portion of your range of motion depends on your shoulder’s health; therefore, if you injure your shoulders, you’re out of training for…a long time.

The shoulder is one of our most complex joints. Take care of them.

Pad Workout For Punching And Shoulder Endurance

If you want a way to warm up your upper body, look no further than your heavy bag. The bag is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that most forget about. The below video is a defensive, but its emphasis is to keep your hands up. Your shoulder strength should, at the very least, keep your hands up. Try this drill in combination with the above drill and your arms will not tire.

Heavy Bag Defense Drill for Muay Thai

Here is the peak of punching goodness. Think a man can do this type of madness without strong shoulders? Think again. Gokhan Saki is a beautiful fighter to watch, and he reflects what is possible in the realm of punching. Just to give you an idea, he fought against Alistair Overeem with one broken arm and still threw mad combinations with his one healthy arm. How many folks can do that? Not many. Now, let’s get in-depth on the fella through the eyes of  Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Epic Glory Moments: The Combo Of the Century by Gokhan Saki | Lawrence Kenshin


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