Overcoming 3 Sources of Doubt

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 73

Do people doubt you? Or maybe you doubt yourself sometimes?

Either way, feeling uncertain about yourself and your goals can be a paralyzing feeling. However, the best fighters and most successful people are able to turn that doubt and negativity into something positive… are you?

In this most recent podcast inspired by Paul’s post on Muay Thai Athlete, The Parallels of Doubt and Success, we breakdown three types of people who are guaranteed to doubt you at one point or another.

Take a listen to the podcast after reading a quick blurb below which goes into what we discuss:

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The world of combat sports is a niche in which many things are seen as taboo. Fighters are often misunderstood as sheer savages, fighting with aggression rather than intellect. What the said subject is failing to see is the chess game being played.

An important concept is missed. The fighter’s heart. A source of energy and passion that transcribes itself into all facets of life. Doubt often becomes an everyday source of fuel. The sad reality is that the comments and defensive questions we are forced to hear and answer, commonly come from those who are closest to us. Family, friends, and limited realists.

These words may be conjured into negative energy, instilling doubts in any insecurities that we may possess. Or… these words may be transformed into a spark, lighting the fuel we already possess within. The result is an ever burning flame.

There’s energy in people’s doubt. I take it and use it. 100%.” -Connor McGregor

Without doubt, our fuel runs low. Therefore, success becomes a result of shutting up three specific types of people.


#1. The Uneducated & Close Minded – The uneducated will be the most difficult to persuade with words. Ignorance brings confidence into those who are not aware. [Listen in to find out how to deal with this type of individual or group]

#2. The Competition – As questionable as this statement may be, dealing with the competition itself is rather straightforward. [Listen in to find out how]

#3. The Voice Within – Our perception of reality is based on our thoughts. What is success? It is whatever your mind deems to be success. What is perfection? It is whatever personal opinion of perfection you let your brain hold on to.

Click Here To Listen To TMTG 073: Overcoming 3 Sources of Doubt 

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