Ole Kiatoneway: Tactics Against a Fearsome Puncher

How To Repel Punchers

I don’t like being punched in the face, and I wager you don’t either. I have hard words to say about punchers, but they have hard punches to reply to my words…words, as it turns out, don’t fight well. Hence, the need for tactics and strategy (there’s a difference, tactics are micro and strategy is macro) that repel punchers.

As secrets should be held in silence, punchers should be held out of range. This is the strategy. But what’s the tactic that supports the strategy? How do you keep a puncher out of his range? Answer: Same way you kill a lion. Spearing. Striking an opponent as they move in means more damage, simple physics.

Now you know what to do should you be attacked by a lion or a puncher (I’d prefer the latter). Here’s a Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown of how to Ole Kiatoneway used spearing to repel a fierce puncher:

Ole Kiatoneway: Tactics Against a Fearsome Puncher

Let’s assume you’re fighting a terminator like individual and he/she will not stop moving forward. There’s no quit in this fine gentleman or lady and they will not rest until you’re unconscious on the floor. In cases of the extreme, we must have insurance. A safety net to catch us should we come tumbling down from the high wire that is combat sports. Why high wire walking? Because like high wire walking…one little misstep, one hint of arrogance, one small anything…can cause you to fall.

But we’re not going to let that happen. No sir, or madam. We are classy gentleman and ladies and we don’t trip over ourselves…we make sure our opponent trips over himself/herself, stumbles, and falls. And you best believe should that opponent have a safety net of their own we’re going to snatch it out from under them. With that? Why, leg kicks of course.

Joanne Calderwood: Kicking a Puncher in MMA

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