OFFICIAL: Tiffany Van Soest Now Sponsored By Nak Muay Nation

Muay Thai Champion Tiffany “Timebomb” Van Soest Now A Part Of Nak Muay Nation

It’s official ladies and gentlemen.

Thanks to the fans and followers of Muay Thai Guy and Nak Muay Nation, we have become an official sponsor for one of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world… Tiffany “Time Bomb” Van Soest!

You probably already know who she is (or at least you should), but in case you are new to the sport or had a mind lapse, let me remind you of how badass this chick is:

Tiffany Van Soest’s Highlights

After holding championship belts in two divisions for Lion Fight promotion, Tiffany is now testing her kickboxing skills by competing on the worlds top kickboxing promotion, GLORY. But wait… it gets even better!

Following her anticipated debut on May 13th for GLORY, Tiffany will be transitioning into MMA by fighting in a loaded women’s strawweight division for Invicta FC later on in the year. It will be extremely exciting to see how her elite level Muay Thai skills translate in both kickboxing and MMA.

What Does This Nak Muay Nation Sponsorship Mean?

It means that shit is about to get real!

Having Tiffany on board as a sponsored Nak Muay Nation fighter will allow us to bring you championship-level content directly from Timebomb herself.

What will this type of content include? Basically everything you’ll need to sharpen your striking skills, get in fight shape and become a better Nak Muay:

  • Photo by Scott Hirano

    Technique Tutorials: Tiffany will be sharing some of her favorite techniques and combos that she uses to beat up her opponents. It will include a variety of boxing techniques, clinch tactics, defensive maneuvers and more!

  • Muay Thai Drills: See what type of drills and training methods Tiffany uses to prepare for her fights. These range from agility ladder drills to kicking drills and many others.
  • Strength & Conditioning Circuits: Follow along (if you dare) and try to keep up with some of Tiffany’s strength and conditioning workouts! She is obviously in amazing shape, so getting a behind the scenes look at some of her workouts will help get your conditioning to the next level.
  • Nutritional Advice: Needless to say, Tiffany’s diet is on point. She currently lives in Bali and has an incredible nutritionist who makes sure she’s eating the proper nutrients for her training. Tiff and her nutritionist will be sharing their best nutrition tips to help you tighten up your eating habits!
  • Ask TimeBomb: Every month Tiffany will answer fan questions sent in using this form. If you have ANY questions for Tiffany (whether is Muay Thai related or not) go and fill out this form and she’ll do her best to answer your questions on one of her videos!

If you want to watch these videos then make sure to sign up to become a member of Nak Muay Nation. A majority of her most valuable content will be exclusive for Nak Muay Nation members only, but we will also be releasing some of her monthly content on the Muay Thai Guy youtube channel as well (subscribe here).

Tiffany will also be writing occasional posts on Muay Thai Guy shining some light on her training and anything else that’s on her mind, so keep you eyes out for those!

And there’s even more in the works…

On top of all of this, how awesome would it be to train Muay Thai and surf with Tiffany at her gym in Bali? Well, we are in the works of having Tiffany host a future Nak Muay Nation retreat at her Bali Training Camp… so make sure to sign up for news and updates if you’d want to come to a future retreat!

tiffany van soest surfing yoga bali muay thai

Muay Thai, surf and yoga in Bali with Tiffany Van Soest… sounds pretty awesome!


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