Nonthachai Sit-O: My Life As A Fighter

One of the Most Dominant Fighters in Muay Thai

non_kneeNonthachai Sit-O is a Thailand champion, a one-time Rajadamnern champion, and three-time Lumpinee champion. With such amazing accomplishments, it’s hard to believe this is also someone who once lost 12 fights in a row.

Nothachai’s parents were rice farmers, but the seasons were rarely kind to them, so they were often left with nothing and only able to make a living with odd jobs. Nothachai’s elder brother ran off and disappeared, so Nonthachai quickly had to become a man of the family. He had his first fight at the age of 9 and was KOed with his father ringside.

He trained hard, seven times a week with no days off, worked hard in school, and did his best to help farm with his parents. But it seemed like Muay Thai just wasn’t for him after he lost 12 fights in a row.

He was all packed up and leaving the Sit-O gym he fought out of when the owner walked by him and casually said that he didn’t have to leave in a passerby conversation. He was so thrilled, running back to his room determined to stay. He didn’t have a trainer for the next 2 years, until

However, he still didn’t have a trainer for the next 2 years, until he met Pa Dang. Pa Dang took Nonthachai under his wing and molded him into the man he is today. Pa Dang trained Nonthachai and brought him to Lumpinee, eventually taking the title after having to win 5 fights in a row. He later went on to fight his idol Samkor Kiatmontep.

Non_knee_1-1024x683Samkor was a legend and also from the Buriram, Isaan as Nonthachai was, so to get to fight such a legend meant that Nonthachai had reached the peaks. He fought Samkor 3 times and won the second.

Nonthachai now teaches at Evolve MMA in Singapore. His challenging life and positive spirit (he says you can find him by following the sound of his laughter) makes him one of the most motivating coaches there is. Almost no one believed in him when he fought, so you bet your ass that he’ll put his all into teaching you and raising you up from as low as he was once to as great as he is now.

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Nonthachai’s story is a Rocky movie personified. Check it out here:

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