Nong-O Gaiyanghadao: My Life as a Fighter

One of the Best Pound for Pound Fighters

Nong-O’s Muay Thai life began at the age of 9. His village was small, but their Muay Thai was strong. Nong-O’s neighbour, whom Nong-O often watched train, fought in the big stadiums. One day, this neighbor spotted Nong-O mesmerized by his training. And his Muay Thai journey began.

A month later, Nong-O won his first fight, and with that win, won 100 baht, all of which he gave to his grandmother who took care of him while his parents were away. Nong-O fought often as a child, but his still had his duties outside of the ring. Balancing school and training was not easy.

However, to his surprise, all the students and teachers supported his Muay Thai journey. They even provided him a special card that allowed him to attend classes even if he was late. Even with all the support, Nong-O missed his parents dearly. They were often busy working, but Nong-O decided to visit them and support them the first chance he gets.

Nong-O would go on to become a two-time winner of the Fighter of the Year award. This award brought something he had never felt before with winning any championship or belt. He felt that the awards had brought honor to his family. Everyone knew his name, and everyone knew his family’s name.

Nong-O pushed through every single struggle imaginable, and he has fought every single big name that he could have fought at the time. Now, his life has taken yet another turn.

Nong-O is now an instructor at Evolve MMA, and he has become a father. Nong-O has been put through struggle, but he has also achieved great success because of Muay Thai. Now, he imparts knowledge on his students, and hopes that he can help them become successful as well.

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