Nitah Muay Thai Gym – Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Thailand Muay Thai Training Camp in the Heart of Patong

Training at Nitah Muay Thai has been a great experience since day one. My girlfriend Liz and I felt right at home once we stepped foot into the gym and we both have improved in more ways than one thanks to the amazing trainers and friendly atmosphere. If you are interested in training at Nitah Muay Thai then check out the video below for a quick tour. Also check out below for all the information you need to know about training prices, accommodations, directions and contact details!

Training Costs 

One Session = 300 baht
10 x Sessions = 2,500 baht
Weekly (1 Session Daily) = 1,500 baht
Weekly (2 Sessions Daily) = 2,500 baht
10 x Privates = 5,000 baht

Privates with Head Trainer Kot
One Session = 700 baht
10 x Privates = 6,000 baht

Training Schedule

Training sessions are held twice a day Monday through Saturday, 9-11am and 4-6pm, with Sunday being a rest day. If you’d like to train at different hours, or on a Sunday, the trainers are available for privates. The trainers lead a run at 7:30am each morning that is not mandatory except for fighters, however everyone is encouraged to join!

nitah muay thai trainer nun and sean fagan

My trainer Nun is one of the handful of top notch trainers at Nitah Muay Thai.

Daily Training Routine

Most days the training routine you’ll go through is as follows:

Warm up
Pad Work (3-5 rounds with trainer)
Heavy Bag Work
Stretching/Cool Down

There is also sparring and clinch work mixed in with the daily routine depending on your skill level and ability to work in a controlled manner.

You’ll also find kettlebells, battle ropes, and gymnastics rings if you want  to mix in some strength and conditioning work. If you don’t have your own equipment there are plenty of gloves, shin guards, head gear, and hand wraps available that are cleaned regularly. You could also check out Fight HQ which is right downstairs to buy some top quality Muay Thai equipment for some of the cheapest prices you’ll be able to find.

Lastly, you can finish up by cooling down with foam rollers to help with soreness and rinse off in the shower before returning back to your guesthouse.

nitah muay thai thailand training camp and gym

Whether you’re a complete beginners or an experienced fighter, you’ll fit right in at Nitah Muay Thai.

Address and Directions

Nitah Muay Thai, Rooftop at The Sixth Phuket Shopping Centre, Ratu-Thit Songroipee Road, Patong, Phuket 

Nitah Muay Thai is located diagonally across the road from the front of Jungceylon.  Look for the Red/Yellow D.1 Restaurant Sign and turn in that walking street.  Take the stairs up beside the Lebanese Flower Restaurant to the rooftop.  You should be able to see a huge pair of red boxing gloves hanging outside the building.


cafe siam guesthouse patong phuket thailand

Everyone at Cafe Siam has been so friendly and helpful, I’d definitely recommend staying there!

There are plenty of places to stay around the area but by far one of the best places to stay is Cafe Siam Guesthouse. When Liz and I stayed there the people there were welcoming, friendly and super helpful with everything! Not to mention the food that they cook there is top notch and if I could eat it everyday I would!

The room rates in low season start at 600 baht – 1000 baht a night, and high season rates start at 900 baht – 1300 baht.  For those on a tight budget (like myself) there is one small air conditioned room that is available at 10,800 baht monthly.  All other rooms are doubles and there is one twin room. For a quick tour of the budget room, check out the video below. If you want to take a look at the other rooms, click here to go the Cafe Siam Guesthouse website.

Contact and Additional Information

If you are interested in training at Nitah Muay Thai, you can contact the owner Anita at [email protected], message her on the Nitah Muay Thai Facebook Page or call 083-390-9163.

There will also be a Juice Bar opening in April, as well as a Fitness Centre and Yoga Studio in June.

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