Can You Learn Muay Thai From Youtube?

Is It Possible To Improve Your Muay Thai By Watching Youtube Videos?

There has always some running jokes in the Muay Thai Community (AKA The Nak Muay Nation) about people learning their muay thai from Youtube.

Seeing some of the information out there such as the infamous “Master Ted” leads many to think that only fake people put out Muay Thai videos on Youtube. By the way, Master Ted did not understand how strong and crazy the Nak Muay Nation is as he was ousted and mocked by the entire Muay Thai Community world wide.  When Liam Harrison called him out, he took his Youtube page down!

Putting Master Ted aside, that still doesnt mean you can not get great information from Youtube. There are several useful sights and with learning anything its all about having a legitimate expert show you the ropes.

There is a ton of information on Youtube for muay thai, fights, video blogs, highlights, technique tutorials, training ideas, training footage… lets face it, Youtube has it all.

Now that being said, there are still some very reputable sites to use. I say they are reputable because they are people I have either met or know that are legit. Here is a short list of channels you should be subscribed to if you are really into muay thai.

Sean Fagan: The Muay Thai Guy

Sean’s Channel is loaded with techniques and training videos. Its a page that goes without saying, especially if you are reading this blog on his website. But without a doubt, Sean eats, sleeps and breathe the art and is constantly training and educating himself on all things muay thai.

Lawrence Kenshins Striking Breakdowns

Lawrence Kenshin is famous on youtube for his epic technique breakdowns. His videos show how world champions in both muay thai and kickboxing use the eight limbs in specific ways to defeat their opponents. Lawrence has broken down the styles of many great fighters such as Buakaw, Saenchai, Mike Zambidis, and Duke Roufus just to name a few.

Stuart Tomlinson: The Warrior Collective

This is one of my favorite pages on Youtube and if you are into muay thai you better go subscribe right now. This page is a collection of muay thai professionals displaying various techniques and drills that you can put into your training immediately! The Warrior Collective has great fighters and instructors such as Andy Thrasher, Liam Harrison, Richard Smith, and many others. My personal favorite is the series done by Jompop Kiatphontip. He demonstrates almost every technique you can do in about 10 mintues. The Warrior Collective also shows videos for boxing, BJJ, Jeet Kun Do and other combat sports.

My Muay Thai

This is another techniques page that shoes various techniques shown by many greats in the muay thai world. The series is known as “the muay thai minute” and mostly uses Coach Damon Faulkner of the Singdayt Muay Thai Gym. The Muay Thai Minute” also has appearance from greats like Kevin Ross, Liam Harrison, Pornsaneh, and even my Kru, Watcharachai Kaewsamrit.

Evolution Muay Thai

This is a tutorial page on many techniques, equipment use, and drills by Kru Brandon Levi. This
is a great page for beginners as Brandon takes you through everything you need to know to get your training off and running.

Now these are just a few of the MANY channels out on Youtube.

Like I said before, these are the pages that I subscribe to or know the instructors and fighters personally. There are many others out there not mentioned above but this should get you jump started and headed in the right direction. Many people will tell you that you can not learn muay thai from the internet and in a way they are right, but there is nothing wrong with seeing what world class fighters and trainers are doing and showing on their youtube channels.

The bulk of your training should come from a real coach, but even a real coach does not know everything. Youtube can give you and your coach ideas and even some new approaches to the way you train. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, just make sure you are getting it from a reliable source!

There are also many channels that cover journeys, fights, and various other muay thai aspects such as these just to name two more of my favorites.

Muay Ties: “Fights from Thailand”

Timo Ruge brings us the best HD fights from the top stadiums in Thailand, Lumpinee and Rajadamnern. Subscribe to watch elite Thai fighters climb the rankings of the stadiums and see some of the craziest, most technical fights you’ll ever see!

Sylvie Von Duuglas ittu: “Follow Sylvie on her journey”

Sylvie has been documenting her journey to 100 fights ever since the beginning. She’s dedicated her life to Muay Thai and makes a point to share her experiences, fights and stories with the rest of the Muay Thai community. If you enjoy video blogs and fights, then this is a great channel to check out!

Are there any other Muay Thai Youtube channels that I’m missing? Share them in the comments below!

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