Top 5 Muay Thai Youtube Channels

The 5 Best Muay Thai Video Channels You NEED To Subscribe To

If you’re addicted to Muay Thai then you’re probably constantly trying to find more fight videos, technique tutorials and intense workouts to add to your training.

Since I spend a decent amount of time online watching Muay Thai related videos, I figure I’d share my top 5 best Muay Thai yotube channels that you should definitely subscribe to.

#1) Lawrence Kenshins Striking Breakdowns

By far one of my most visited Muay Thai channels by far. Lawrence is a genius at breaking down and analyzing fights. It’s so cool being able to see the application of techniques, strategies and tactics of Muay Thai legends like Buakaw, Saenchai, Coban, Dekkers and others.

The great thing about Lawrence Kenshin’s channel is that this is just the beginning! He’s got a new website coming out soon and has been putting out more and more consistent, quality breakdowns for our viewing pleasure. Needless to say, this is a channel you need to subscribe to NOW.

Most Popular Video – Muay Thai vs. Kickboxing Breakdown: “The Fight That Changed History”

#2) Muay Ties by Timo Ruge

HD Muay Thai fights straight from the top two stadiums in the world, Lumpinee and Rajadamern. Timo is the man and is constantly uploading the most recent fights from the best fighters in the world. If you’re ever bored or want to watch some quality Thai boxing, then subscribing to this channel is a must.

Most Popular Video – Pornsanae vs.E.T. – Rajadamnern Stadium

#3) Warriors Collective by Stuart Tomlinson

This channel has some of the best tutorials on Muay Thai and martial arts out there. Each video is done in great detail and you’ll learn plenty of new things to add to your game right away. Another reason I love this channel is because there is a constant stream of new videos released on a regular basis. Subscribe and watch some now!

Most Popular Video – Muay Thai How To Spar Tutorial

#4) Funk Roberts Strength and Conditioning

Funk is the MAN when it comes to workouts for combat sports athletes. He covers a whole range of types of working out including bodyweight circuits, kettle bells, olympic lifts and much more.  I’ve been following his youtube for awhile now and am constantly trying out the new workouts and circuits he puts out. If you’re looking to build muscle, burn fat and get in fight shape, Funk’s Youtube channel is a must.

Top Muay Thai Video –  Muay Thai Strength And Conditioning Circuit

#5. Acumen Athletics by Danny Millet

Another great channel with detailed analysis of Muay Thai and kickboxing fights. I can never get enough of these types of videos and Danny does a great job breaking down techniques from a variety of fights. Since he is a pro fighter, his insight is very valuable to anyone regardless if you’re a fighter or just someone who trains for fun and love the sport.

Most Popular Video – Kickboxing Breakdown: Frame, Push & Headkick

There are a ton of other youtube channels out there that you should definitely check out, but these are the top 5 that I visit the most. Some honorable mentions that could have easily made the list are:
  • Muay Thai Guy – Some shameless self-promotion, I know. But my channel is legit, so subscribe!
  • Fight Tips – I interviewed Shane Fazen who runs Fight Tips and he’s got some great tutorials especially on self defense.
  • Don Heatrick – Although Don is still building his Youtube presence, he’s got some quality videos for strength and conditioning related to Muay Thai, so check it out!
  • Brendan Meyers – This dude is a BEAST. He’s got some great bodyweight circuits that will kill you!
  • JT Van V – Although JT primarily focuses on boxing, a lot of his tutorials can be used for Muay Thai as well.
  • Muay Thai Movement – Anthony Williams is back at it putting together informative tutorials for Muay Thai.
  • Warriors Of The Mongkon – A great documentary series on Muay Thai fighters that will be releasing it’s 2nd season soon!
  • Eric Wong – This guy knows his shit. His videos are centered around strength and conditioning but also focus on flexibility, agility and much more.
  • Evolution Muay Thai – My old stomping grounds and former Kru Brandon Levi post some great tutorials to improve various aspects of your game.
  • Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu – Probably the most updated Youtube channel related to Muay Thai out there. Sylvie is constantly video blogging her journey living, training and fighting in Thailand.
  • Tiger Muay Thai – Probably one of the most well known gyms in Thailand, Tiger Muay Thai puts out some solid tutorials and videos.

Any Youtube Channels I’m missing?

Share some of your favorites in the comments below!

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