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What Do Campers Think of Thailand Training Camp?

Pain and pleasure.

In the world of Thailand Training Camp, pain isn’t either your best friend or your worst enemy; it is often both. Pain, by allowing it to strengthen you, becomes pleasure. It’s as the process of bodybuilding where micro-tears precede muscle gain, or when, to make an analogy that hits closer to home, bone density is increased through time slamming shins into pads and bags. Struggle becomes success.

You can rest assured, or be surely unrested, that there will be plenty of struggle in the training at Khongsittha Gym. But that struggle leads to absolute pleasure, as you will find out:

A day in the life Thailand Training Camp is like no other day you will ever experience. It’s the perfect combination of struggle and success, pain and pleasure. The day consists of 3 training sessions: a run in the morning, a regular training session of bagwork and padwork just after or a few hours after the run, and another session in the afternoon.

14206197_1084665738237006_8728585013075349492_oEach session will have it’s own focus. Tuesday could be a clinch-centric day. Friday could be a sparring day. That is the daily life of a Nak Muay in the Thailand Training Camp. But that is just the daily life…The night life, however, is another matter.

Night is the time for relaxation, and there are a number of events that could be going on: it could be fight night, it could be barbeque night, it could be party night, or it could just be any regular night sitting and munching on some delicious Thai or Western cuisine.

You will be pushed harder than you ever have before in Thailand Training Camp, but if you make the most of this rare opportunity, you will grow like no other. You will feel the struggle of training, but here is a paraphrased quote of Greek Poet Dinos Christianopoulos’s that will keep you going through any struggle or pain: “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”

Take the dive into the experience of a lifetime. For upcoming dates of Thailand Training Camp, go to


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