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John Wayne Parr Falls Short of 100th Win

Muay Thai Weekly — a collection of the latest and greatest headlines, hearsay and hair-raising hits from the Muay Thai world. Each week, you’ll find a fresh new Muay Thai Weekly video feature here at Muay Thai Guy, in which we outline exactly what went down in Muay Thai in the last seven days.

Coming up right now on Muay Thai Weekly:

  • “The Gunslinger” John Wayne Parr lost what would’ve been his 100th victory to Eder Lopes at Bellator Kickboxing;
  • The much-anticipated Lion Fight 42, featuring four title bouts and brilliant matchmaking all-around, will happen on April 21;
  • Buakaw Banchamek returns to action at All-Star Fight and is pitted against Danish killer Niclas R. Larsen;
  • …and much more!


This week’s top article:

HUNTING DOWN EVASIVE OPPONENTS  – Speedy, crafty foes can have you running around the ring in pursuit like a chicken with its head cut off. Here’s how to hunt them down efficiently.

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Title photo courtesy of Walt Zink.

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