5 Key Muay Thai Techniques vs. Southpaw Opponents

Basic, Effective Muay Thai Strikes Against A Southpaw

Fighting a southpaw can be difficult if you’ve never fought one before. Fortunately, there are a number of different muay thai attacks, counters and maneuvers you can use to capitalize off your opponents southpaw stance. Try out these 5 basic muay thai techniques the next time you spar or fight a southpaw!

Here are the 5 key moves against a southpaw shown in the video above:

  1. Right Cross – The angle you have if perfect to throw a straight cross right down the pipe. Ideally you want to have your lead foot on the outside of your opponents lead foot so you’re able to get a better angle and avoid a counter strike.
  2. Right Body Kick – With your opponent’s body opened to the right side, it’s a great opportunity to land a hard right roundhouse to your opponent’s ribs. Keep in mind that your opponent will most likely be looking to land a left roundhouse, so be ready!
  3. Right Knee – If you’re able to time the right knee as your opponent is moving in then there is a good chance you can seriously hurt and possibly drop your opponent.
  4. Outside Leg Kick – This is a great technique to utilize to create a better angle for yourself while scoring points and dealing some type of damage.
  5. Pat Down Elbow – If your opponent has a loose guard you can catch him with a pat down elbow as you’re advancing forward. This works great because of the angle you have against a southpaw opponent.

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Saenchai’s Southpaw Techniques

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