Muay Thai Training Camp At Khongsittha Gym in Thailand

1st Annual Nak Muay Nation Training Camp

muay thai training camp in thailand at khongsittha gym

The awesome group of people at the 1st ever Nak Muay Nation Training Camp at Khongsittha Gym!

Dude. Is this real life?

With so much exciting things going on here in Thailand, where do I even start?

Do I start by telling you that we had a clinch seminar with Petchboonchu – the most decorated Muay Thai champion ever? And that I had the honor of clinching with him and having my neck torqued by his death grip?

thailand training camp at khongsittha muay thaiOr do I go into detail about how we got to go see the show ‘Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives’ and then watch our campmate, Kate, proudly represent Khongsittha by winning a decision with brutal knees and accurate body kicks?

OR do I try to explain how the owners of Khongsittha, Dunk and Matt, are straight up ballers who have been extremely helpful and accommodating in every way possible?

For example, after taking a handful guys out to experience the Bangkok nightlife, one camper said it was the best night of my life”… I can only imagine what happened that night!

And of course I can’t forget to mention the incredible day-to-day training with champion trainers, the delicious (and cheap) Thai food that surrounds the gym, and the amazing people that I’ve been able to spend the past week with.

Needless to say, I could easily write pages and pages about how incredible the first week of the first ever Nak Muay Nation training camp has been, but I’ll do you (and myself) a favor by spreading all my thoughts out over a few weeks instead of jam packing it all in this one post.

First, you gotta check out what a day in the life is like training here at Khongsittha in Thailand:

A Day In The Life Training At Khongsittha Gym

A Typical Day At The Nak Muay Nation Training Camp

Holy shit! I forgot how tough training two times a day can be, especially when you’re doing rounds on the pads every morning and night AND additional work (running, bodyweight circuits etc.) that you normally wouldn’t do back at home.

Oh yea, and not to mention the heat! I must drink at least 2 gallons of water and sweat out about 10 pounds of water weight everyday. Needless to say, it’s going to be a tough (but very, VERY rewarding) 4-week camp!

Here’s a general outline to give you an idea what a day at Khongsittha is like for me:


5:30am – Wake up and eat a banana/drink some water. Usually take some time to catch up on emails and what not as well.
6:45am – Head to Khongsittha to do either a long distance run (about 3.5 miles) or group sprints
7:45am – Return to the gym and start warming up.
8:00am – Shadowbox for 3 rounds with 10-20 pushups after each round
8:30am – Split up into two groups – 1 group does heavy bag work while the other group does pad work with a trainer
9:10am – Start doing some light clinching or technique work lead by one of the trainers.
9:35am – Finish off with bodyweight circuits/ab training
9:50am – Stretch and cool down


khongsittha training camp with muay thai guy in thailandAfter the morning training the first thing on my mind is FOOD. However, I realize that I need to shower before I go into public so that’s the first step on my to-do list.

So after I clean myself up and drink a protein shake/recovery mix from PNP Supplements (which I don’t know what I’d do without), I head to a local noodle shop or nearby restaurant to grab some grub that costs anywhere between 60-250 baht. I usually run into other members of the training camp at one of the spots and chat about training etc.

Once I finish up eating, my main priority is a nap… so that’s what I do! After I wake up from the nap I drink a pre-workout shake and eat a banana to prepare myself for the afternoon training… which is grueling.


2:45pm – Head to the gym and start warming up
3:00pm – Jump rope for 15 minutes
3:15pm – Shadowbox for 3 rounds followed by pushups or other bodyweight exercises
3:30pm – Split up into 2 groups (heavy bag/pad work)
4:15pm – Practice clinching, technique work or sparring
4:45pm – Finish up with abs, burnout drills or a bodyweight circuit
5:00pm – Stretch and cool down


Again, first thing on my mind is FOOD, so after I shower and drink my protein shake I head out to grab some more grub at a nearby spot. After finishing up with the delicious Thai food, I’m just about ready to head back to my room, catch up on some Muay Thai Guy related work and then pass the fuck out and get ready for tomorrow.

Nak Muay Nation Training Camp: What’s To Come

Clinching with living legend and 13-time champion Petchboonchu.

Clinching with living legend and 13-time champion Petchboonchu.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of the post, there’s been SO much happening in only the 1st week it’s been unbelievable. In order to truly give you an idea for what it’s like training at Khongsittha, I’ll be updating you with more posts and videos (make sure to subscribe on Youtube) to fill you in the exciting things going on.

I want to give you an idea for content I’ll be releasing, so here’s a short list of some things we’ll be working on:

  • Footage from the Petchboonchu (and Saenchai) seminar.
  • A tour of the Khongsittha Gym facilities and accommodations.
  • Technique tutorials and interviews from a number of the champion trainers
  • Vlogs where I’ll share with you footage of fight nights, rest days, group outings, Thai food etc.
  • Even more training footage as well as fight footage from fellow Nak Muay Nation campers.
  • And much, much more!

On top of that, I am also in the process of creating a website dedicated solely for these training camps – This will have all the details on future training camps and even more behind the scenes content for you to check out.

If you’re interested in potentially coming to a Nak Muay Nation Training Camp at Khongsittha Gym, make sure you go to and sign up for updates!

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