Muay Thai Teep Drill – How To Counter Punchers

How To Use The Teep To Stop Aggressive Boxers

The Muay Thai teep is one of the most effective attacks in stopping an aggressive, forward moving opponent. It’s basically the equivalent to a jab, except that you can cover a lot more distance and setup a number of different combinations and techniques right off the teep.

When dealing with hard hitting punchers it’s a good idea to utilize the teep to keep your opponent out of range. Not only that, but continuously landing the teep can hurt your opponents body and make them think twice before stepping in for a hard punching attack.

A great way to practice and perfect this important Muay Thai technique is drilling it with a partner. The more you drill this technique, the better your timing will be at stopping your opponents forward momentum and the crisper your technique will be. Try out this Muay Thai teep drill below demonstrated by USMTA Champ Chris Clodfelter of Eight Points Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Teep Drill vs. Aggressive Punchers

If you’re still having trouble dealing with an aggressive opponent, there are a number of other ways to counter their forward movement.

Take a look at this video tutorial below from The Warriors Collective to see some effective techniques at stopping an aggressive fighter.

Muay Thai Countering The Aggressive Fighter Tutorial

Wait there’s more! Are you an aggressive puncher? Well then you should definitely learn a few counters to the teep then.

We all know that the teep can be frustrating to defend, especially as a forward-moving, aggressive fighter. Having a foot jabbed into your gut is NOT a pleasant feeling and can easily disrupt your timing and momentum. There are a few ways to defend the teep/front kick… you can either parry and catch.

This teep counter below by UK legend Damien Trainor involves a catch AND a jumping knee. Learn how to counter the teep and try it out to see if it’s something you can add to your game!]

Teep Defense | Catch and Jump Knee Counter Technique

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