Muay Thai Technique: Simple Liver Shot Defense

One Simple Trick to Defend Your Liver

Effective attack and defense is rarely flashy.

When you’re defending a punch, you don’t need to swing your arm in a wide circle and spin your opponent around like you’re a ballroom dancer. A simple pat of the wrist will do. Unsurprisingly, the way you defend a liver shot can be as simple as the way you defend a jab.

In the technique video below, Chris Clodfelter demonstrates an incredibly simple method to defend the liver shot. The technique takes almost no time to perform and thus will be incredibly useful in any situation. Even if you’re late to reacting, you may be early enough to defend yourself.

But let us delay no further, you may need this technique sooner than you think:

Perhaps you do not like simple. In defense, simple is preferred. However, in offense, complex can simply mean more for your opponent to deal with. Think of Andy Ristie versus Giorgio Petrosyan. Fighting Andy Ristie, I imagine, is like fighting an octopus. Limbs are constantly flying from every single direction and you’ve no idea what to do with it. Not even the defensive genius, the Floyd Mayweather of kickboxing, Giorgio Petrosyan was able to solve that puzzle.

Let us now, then, enter Andy Ristie’s bread and butter. Let’s enter the art of switch-hitting:

Muay Thai Switch Stance: Angle and Punch Combo Setup

Simple works. However, flashy can work as well. Muay Thai is often perceived as mindless stand-and-bang fighting. Many know this not to be true. However, not many are aware of Muay Thai’s advanced techniques.

But luckily for us, someone is. And that someone happens to be Muay Thai’s foremost analyst, Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Advanced Attacks in Muay Thai

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