Muay Thai Technique: Jab to Clinch Entry

How to Enter the Clinch Safely

The clinch is one of the most dangerous and destructive places a fight can wind up. You can get blasted with knees, cut with elbows or thrown on your head. It can be hell, but it can also be a safe haven.

When Floyd Mayweather was rocked by Shane Mosley, what did he do? He grabbed onto Mosley’s right arm and clinched for dear life.

The clinch is a reset button. If you are rocked and your opponent is standing right in front of you, where will he attack from? Your opponent has every option available. They can attack head on, they can attack from the left or they can attack from the right.

But what happens when you clinch?

You can nullify your opponents attacks in the clinch better than you ever will out in the open. Even if you cannot prevent your opponent from attacking, you can make it damn difficult for them to attack in the first place. But before all this, your task must be to enter the clinch safely. Here’s how:

The jab is the most important punch in all of fighting. The teep is a jab for the lower body. We’ve already covered how to enter the clinch with a jab. Let’s look at a clinch entry using a fake teep.

Muay Thai Technique: Fake Teep to Clinch Entry

We’ve covered effective defense. Now let’s create a deadly offense.

Dieselnoi is the deadliest clinch fighter in Muay Thai history. He is undefeated as a champion and was forced to retire from fighting because no one dared face him. If you can study only one clinch fighter, make it Dieselnoi.

He has, quite simply, the greatest clinch and knees in the history of Muay Thai. Through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns, let’s analyze and learn how to recreate his incredible technique:

The Greatest Knee Fighter in Muay Thai: Tribute to Dieselnoi

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