Muay Thai Technique: Fake Teep to Clinch Entry

Chris Clodfelter’s Fake Teep to Clinch Entry

If you’re familiar with Jack Slack, you should know about his “Pattern of Offence.” The Pattern of Offence consists of 3 stages: pre-entry, entry, and exit. Today, we will focus on entry.

Entry is about clearing a path. If you do not clear a path before you strike, you will get knocked out. The fake teep that Chris Clodfelter demonstrates in the below video is an example of clearing a path. In other cases, you could use a hand trap to enter the clinch. There are many ways you can enter the clinch. However, this fake teep is one of the safest way to enter the clinch.

To dive into further detail and see how the technique works in real time, check out the video below:

Few techniques become more important and versatile than the teep. The jab of the lower body is infinitely useful, and the more ways of utilizing techniques in your arsenal, the more unpredictable you will become.

To build off of our fake teep knowledge, let us learn even more ways to utilize the fake teep:

3 Fake Teep Techniques for Muay Thai

Some of the greatest fighters of all time are able to wreck opponents by only using a few techniques. Saenchai’s teep and jab are greatly feared, Giorgio Petrosyan abuses his opponents with a left hook, right straight combo, and Nong-O masterfully utilizes only three techniques to decimate his competition.

With a strong teep and plenty of fakes to go along with it, you may pair it with your jab for devastating affects.

In the below video, Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns will examine powerful a strong jab and teep can be:

Striking Chess Masters: The Lead Side Triple Threat ft. Nong-O

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