Muay Thai Switch Stance: Angle and Punch Combo Setup

Setup Any Combination With This Switch Stance Combo

Pre-loading a punch saves time, and if something saves time in a fight, it will most likely save you.

Space is time, and time is money. Sometimes a little bit of time is what will save you from hospital bills and earn you some fight night bonuses. The switch stance setup demonstrated here begins with a switch-stance lead straight. The combination will not work if this lead straight does not work, because this is the technique you will use to distract your opponent as you step out of their vision.

Pre-loading this punch makes it faster and buys you time to find the right opportunity to move forward. If you can nail the switch-stance lead straight, everything else is simple:

Switch-hitting forward is hard. Switch-hitting in general is hard. It gives you new angles to attack from, but it also gives you new angles to be attacked from.  However, switch-hitting while moving backwards is simpler and safer. Moving backwards will be safe as long as there is space to move to. However, moving back will not stop your opponent from moving forward, but a punch in the face just might.

This technique extends the principles taught in the above video and gives you a margin of safety to work with. Safety first? Space first.

Muay Thai Counter – Switch Stance Hook, Kick Combo

Saenchai is the man to study. He is THE southpaw, and THE fighter of our age. Saenchai is the master of utilizing angles to confuse and break an opponent. If you seek to replicate his results, then each of his fights will be your textbook.

Luckily, this textbook has a lot of pictures, and we are treated with the commentary of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Moments of Brilliance: Saenchai’s Taking Dominant Angles

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