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How To Throw A Switch Kick Correctly

If you’ve ever seen Buakaw throw a muay thai switch kick then you already know how powerful, fast and effective this type of muay thai kick is. It’s one of the go to weapons for many Thai fighters and the switch kick should definitely be a part of your arsenal of attacks if you want to succeed in muay thai.

A muay thai switch kick is a basic muay thai technique but it doesn’t mean it’s easy to learn and perfect. Just like any basic or advanced kicking technique you have to learn how to throw your hips, shoulders and entire body into the strike to deal maximum damage. Check out these basic tips to help you get the full effect of the switch kick:

Basic Switch Kick Technique Tips

  • Switch your feet quickly! Don’t give your opponent a chance to defend your kicks by telegraphing the switch.
  • Switch your hips too. It’s not just your feet switching it’s also your hips. Without your hips your switch kick won’t generate nearly as much power!
  • Stay level. Don’t jump up when you switch and try your best to keep your eye level the same. This way your opponent won’t notice the switch as much and you’ll be able to land the switch kick much easier.
  • Push off the balls of your feet. After you land the switch make sure you drive off the balls of your post foot to generate more power and hip movement.
  • Hump the air. Get your hips into the switch kick! Make sweet love to the air and make sure your leg is loose.
  • Swing same side arm down. This will help open up your hips.
  • Keep opposite side hand up. For defense purposes.
  • Kick through your opponent. If you were to miss you should be doing a full 360! Don’t stop the motion and follow through.

In this video my switch kick technique is far from perfect and I still have a lot to work on. One thing I notice is that I look away when I throw the kick which is a horrible habit to have but it helps me use my hips more… I’ll have to work on that:

In this video my switch kick technique is far from perfect and I still have a lot to work on. One thing I notice is that I look away when I throw the kick which is a horrible habit to have but it helps me use my hips more… I’ll have to work on that.

how to throw a muay thai switch kick basic technique

When I have used the muay yhai switch kick in fights it has been super effective because it not only keeps my opponent guessing but it makes him think twice about throwing his power right hand.

Switch kicks have also been used against me and I can tell you from experience… they HURT. They also make me very wary about throwing my overhand right because of the fact that I’m leaving my body open for a counter switch kick.

Practice and perfect this basic muay thai switch kick technique and chances are it will be one of your go to strikes in sparring sessions or your next fight!

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  1. I just recently decided to add this kick into my arsenal after a long time of muay thai and when i do the switch kick high or low my left leg for the switch kick endsup doing a taekwondo low roundhouse or mid level even. Its weird to throw a thai kick with the left leg, any tips and exercises for that to get the left leg used to throwing thai kicks ? with my right leg its perfect execution just not with left, like i said it ends up as a snapping from knee tkd kick. I heard that if you try it from southpaw stance its like relearning again and to throw it from southpaw stance first before getting into the switch kick, but that hasn’t worked for me at all.

  2. Hi – great demonstration and discussion of the technique. I appreciate your self critique few instructors are humble enough to do so publicly. FWIW you repeated that critique 2 times, no need to over do it 🙂


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