Muay Thai Switch Kick Drill & Technique Against Punchers

How To Use The Muay Thai Switch Kick Against Aggressive Punchers

Dealing with aggressive, hard-hitting punchers can be difficult to deal with if you’re not sure what techniques or strategies are most effective against these types of fighters.

One of the best ways to deter a powerful boxer from moving forward and throwing his heavy hands is to pepper their body and their forearms with repeated switch kicks. Throwing switch kicks at your opponents body will force your opponents to defend using their forearms, which in turn can eventually lead to damaging their arms so much that they won’t be able to use their punching effectively later on in the fight.

To practice and perfect the timing and technique of the Muay Thai switch kick, try implementing this partner drill taught by Chris Romulo of CROM Physical Culture.

Muay Thai Switch Kick Drill

Drilling this type of switch kick to the body and forearms over and over again will help you fend off aggressive, forward moving boxers who are always looking to unload their hands.

Don’t believe me? The great Buakaw demonstrates how effective and damaging the Muay Thai switch kick can be against his tough, hard-hitting kickboxing opponent, “Iron” Mike Zambidis in their K-1 bout:

Buakaw Breakdown: Shutting Down “Iron” Mike Zambidis

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