Muay Thai Switch Kick Defense | Catch and Punch Counter

How To Counter The Switch Kick With A Straight Cross

Oh, how painful it is to be unable to punch someone in the face when you want to. Those petty switch kicks slamming against your arm preventing you from punching properly. Just one kick making contact with your body is one too many. What to do then, what to do…

How about a nice catch and counter? Catching a punch is obviously not in the cards since the physics of it all doesn’t really make much sense… But catching kicks, ah, now that’s a tad more interesting.

The leg is indeed one large chunk of the body and to be able to control it means control, not only the opponent’s body, but his center of gravity. So, how about a nice catch and counter to off balance him followed a crisp right hand counter placed nicely on the chin? Here’s a demonstration from USMTA Champ Chris Clodfelter of Eight Points Muay Thai:

Now what if you’re more of a kicker and you happen to be on the other side of the exchange trying to land switch kicks? Well, then you’ll want to work on perfecting your Muay Thai switch kick by adding the next kicking drill to your training regimen. This drill will be crucial to the timing, accuracy and technique of your switch kick. Take a look at the tutorial taught by former WKA Champ Chris Romulo of CROM Physical Culture:

Muay Thai Switch Kick Drill Against Punchers

Move your opponent’s weight, throw a cross to his jaw and drop him on his ass. But maybe you want to do a little more, add some flair and spice to it all. How about mastering that low kick? Now you get to take out his legs AND chop them up into fine mince meat. Let’s see how a legend like Ernesto Hoost goes about chopping legs in the Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown below:

Ernesto Hoost: The Perfect Low-Kick

If you’re looking to improve the power, speed and technique in your kicks, then make sure you download these free 3 Killer Kicking Drills! Watch them now and start adding them into you’re trainings sessions immediately!

kicking drills for muay thai

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