Tricky Muay Thai Clinch Sweep Technique

How To Knee And Then Sweep In The Clinch

Sweep a man onto the floor. The dominance continues. To stand over a defeated enemy is the joy of life, but what good is that if the opponent can get back up? The answer for that question can be found on another post, I’m sure. The focus of this post will be on sweeping in the clinch, with the overarching theme of double threats.

Most are unfamiliar with the clinch, when they think clinch they see Anderson Silva turning Rich Franklin’s face into a Picasso painting. As great as that can be, it’s not great as the clinch could be.

When you catch such basic usage of the clinch, do realize that the opportunity that’s being missed out on, and the damage that could be delivered. The clinch isn’t just a land of knees, it’s shaky grounds. Sure, there’s an earthquake that’ll break down your house, but there’s also a tornado on the horizon that’ll bring you on for a whirl.

That’s the nature of the double threat.

Now, you get to pick your opponent’s poison. What will it be, knee or sweep?

Tricky Muay Thai Clinch Sweep Technique

A double threat is no good if only one of your techniques can do damage, then it isn’t even a threat. To threaten we need pain and reality. Pain comes quick, and once the reality sets in the fear will overwhelm. From there you can take advantage of this fear…and now we have our double threat.

Footage courtesy of Chris Clodfelter from 8 Points Muay Thai:

Muay Thai Knee Technique | How To Cripple An Opponent With A Clinch Knee

Life is about these “pick your poison” moments. If you’ve ever played a game of chess then you know these double threats, forks, are but simple lead ups to the checkmates. I’d like not to speak too soon though, you’ll need to be focused to pull off double threats.

However…when you do pull them off. What’s wrong with adding a bit of spice? Check out Gary Turner’s example as broken down by Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Gary Turner: Double Threat Sweeps

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