Muay Thai Supplement Chat with Jerry Teixeira of PNP Supplements

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 33

10633792_10154571760768496_4127951241823785429_oEarly on in my career I avoided taking supplements for my Muay Thai training because I used to be HARD into the type of shitty supplements that destroy your body and get you killed, i.e. Jack3d, NO xplode etc. I was also a believer in getting all my nutrients directly from natural foods, but after doing more research I decided it’d be beneficial to my training if I added healthy supplements to my routine.

And that’s where I found Jerry Teixeira of PNP Supplements.

If you’ve been following Muay Thai Guy you’ve probably heard of Jerry and PNP Supplements before, but this time we get to chat with him about his company and supplements to pick his brain on a few things:

  • How and why he got started creating supplements.
  • Why “Cardio Surge” was his first supplement and how it became a big hit with athletes.
  • Why he believes having a good, healthy diet is important before supplementing.
  • What made him decide to work on this business full time and escape the 9-5.
  • What his goals are for PNP Supplements.
  • And much more!

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