Muay Thai Styles: Muay Femur

The Technical Muay Thai Fighter

Muay Femur’s have a sixth sense.

In the video below, the narrator speaks of the technical fighter’s great ability to see attacks coming before they happen: their sixth sense.

What could be responsible for this? Is it insane reflexes? Possibly. However, what sets the technical fighter apart from others is their ability to rely on technique rather than strength. That’s not to say that other styles fight like brutes, it’s simply to say that the technical fighter is always seeking efficiency. But what does this have to do with the sixth sense? Everything.

The ability to see attacks coming could be from insane reflexes. However, another trait of the Muay Femur is their, as is said in the below video, mastery of pattern recognition.

The Muay Femurs know how to predict the opponent’s moves and how to make them predictable. If you know that a certain technique of yours will draw a certain technique from your opponent, you have made your opponent predictable and will be able to read them like a book.

Let’s dive deeper into the Technical Fighter in this Evolve MMA video below:

Nothing says technical like being able to kick someone’s rear—well, rear leg. The ability to manuever around your opponent and slam a shin into their rear leg speaks volumes about your mastery of footwork and angles.

Try out this technique and hit your opponent in areas which they didn’t even know they could be hit.

3 Muay Thai Rear Leg Kick Setups

To see supreme well-roundedness, look no further than Tenshin Nasukawa. He is the next superstar of striking, and he is a prodigy.

But how does he do what he does? What makes him special? How is he able to be so great at a young age? We’ll let Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns answer that:

The Next Superstar of Striking: Tenshin Nasukawa | Lawrence Kenshin

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