Muay Thai Sparring Session Tips and Breakdown

Light Technical Sparring Session Between Sean Fagan and Chris Mauceri 

Chris and I have been training together for over 6 years now at our home gym Stockade Martial Arts. Throughout the years we’ve been able to continually push each other every training session. We’ve had some epic Muay Thai sparring sessions in preparation for fights, but in this case we go a little bit lighter due to the fact that Chris was a week out from his fight for K-1.

I break down the techniques, strategies and combos that both Chris and I use during our light technical sparring session together. Watch in as we punch and kick each other and see if there are any strategies or tactics that you can add to your fight game!

Muay Thai Sparring Session Breakdown


More Sparring Tips, Drills and Strategies

If you’re relatively new to Muay Thai sparring it’s a good idea to gradually ease into it with specific sparring drills so you can get used to getting hit and reacting to your opponent.

There are a number of articles and videos on Muay Thai Guy that are guaranteed to help you take your sparring sessions to the next level, so check out the list below and see if there’s any techniques, drills or strategies you can add to your game!

Muay Thai Sparring Drill: 3 For 1 Counter Combos – One of the best ways to get comfortable hitting and countering a moving target is doing simple drills like this one. In this video you’ll see coach Chris Clodfelter of Eight Points Muay Thai demonstrate how his students use this training method in order to prepare for more advanced sparring.

10 Types Of Sparring Partners – If you’re in the sport long enough chances are you’ll run into a wide variety of sparring partners. Knowing how to deal with certain training partners will help you get the most out of your sparring sessions and help you avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Drills And Sparring Tips For Muay Thai (How To Take a Hit) – Getting punched in the face can be a real shock to the system if you’re not used to it, but fortunately there are drills and training methods that can help you become more comfortable with taking punishment.

Top 10 Sparring Tips For Beginners – Although this says “beginners” these tips can be used by anyone, regardless of their experience in the sport. Check out this quick list of sparring tips and then listen in on the entire podcast to get even more in-depth advice on how to truly benefit from your sparring.

And if you liked watching my sparring video with Chris, here are a couple more training sessions I did with other Muay Thai fighters like Pornsanae, Nong-O, Dejdamrong and others:

My Sparring Sessions With Nong-O and Dejdamnrong

Pad Work and Boxing With Pornsanae

Toronto Muay Thai Vlog: Sparring with Jeff Chan


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