rope sparring drill for boxing and muay thai

Best Muay Thai Sparring Drills

Improve Boxing Technique & Toughness with Rope Boxing Training/Sparring

If you like to stand in the pocket and exchange punches, this will be one of your favorite muay thai sparring drills to do when training and working on improving your boxing techniques.

If you are not comfortable standing in range of your opponent this is one of the best boxing drills you can do to improve your head movement, create angles and tighten up your defensive techniques.

Here’s a short training video of my sparring partner Aaron and I working this muay thai sparring drill for a round:

rope sparring drill for boxing and muay thai

This shit is hard and you’ll take a fair share of punches to your head and body, but implementing this type of boxing drill every once in awhile into your muay thai training will improve various aspects of your game and techniques.

How To Do Rope Sparring

5 Rope Sparring Tips

Everyone spars differently and every gym has different levels of fighters. Here’s a few things to take into consideration when doing this badass muay thai sparring drill:

  1. Make sure you are paired up with someone around your skill level. Pretty obvious but needs to be said. You will improve and be challenged the most when you are working with someone who can push you. If for whatever reason you aren’t on the same level of your sparring partner (whether you’re better or worse than them) make sure you both know not to go as hard as you normally would.
  2. Tie a short rope to each other. Duh. Make sure it’s tight because you will still be trying to get out of range when you start getting hit hard. If it’s too loose then it’ll break and you’ll have to re-tie it, which will waste time you could be sparring!
  3. Create angles and move your head. This is a BOXING drill so you can only use your hands which limits your angles and options of attack. By moving your head not only will you give your sparring partner a moving target but you will also be looking for different angles of attack to sneak in a punch.
  4. Work the body and head! Don’t get caught just head hunting or body snatching. Make sure you work combinations that go to the body AND the head.
  5. Learn how to defend and cover up. If you haven;t learned this important technique for muay thai or boxing, this is the drill you will be forced to learn it. Work on your long guard, turtle shell, philly shell and other forms of defensive techniques.

In the end just make sure you are having fun and working on small improvements. This boxing drill is not supposed to be easy, but neither is a training camp for a fight. If anything you should be doing this type of muay thai drill to improve your toughness both physically and mentally.

If you video a session of sparring using this drill make sure to share it in the forums!

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