Muay Thai Sparring Drill – 3 for 1 Counter Combos

Sparring Drill To Land Counter Combinations

If you don’t know how to spar, you won’t know how to fight. If you don’t know how to drill, you won’t have the skill.

Sparring is where you test your mettle and see whether you’re made of flesh or marble. However, whether you are flesh or marble, the damage dealt will chip away at you. Attrition can end a fighter just as swiftly as one punch can, so we’re going to evade both. No. We’re going to counter both and counter all.

Counters make your opponent think twice about moving forwards. It’s fear. And you know what fear is? Yes. It’s the mind killer. But this time you will be the little death that brings total obliteration. Counter your opponent, bring out his fear, and let the combinations work their way towards a swift one-punch knockout…or a long combination. It doesn’t matter. You’ll end them both the same.

Muay Thai Sparring Drill – 3 for 1 Counter Combos

If punching someone in the face once won’t solve the problem, punch, kick, knee, and elbow them with a combination. If smashing someone with a punch, kick, knee, and elbow combination won’t solve the problem, smash them with five advanced Muay Thai combinations. You’ve got the joy of choice ahead of you, and your opponent has the dread of the unknown.

5 Advanced Muay Thai Combinations


If any of the above five combinations won’t do the trick, then we’ll have to borrow from Mr. Gokhan Saki. His combination punching and speed has made him legendary. When you’re looking to counter and strike fear into your opponent, Saki is your man. And if you’re looking to learn about Muay Thai and read some splendid analyses, Lawrence Kenshin is your man and is your destination.

Epic Glory Moments: The Combo Of the Century by Gokhan Saki | Lawrence Kenshin


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