Muay Thai Southpaw Technique | Pull Back Defensive Lean

How To Use the Southpaw Pull To Dodge Everything

Defense enables offense, but what enables defense?

Time. Time tends to get morphed when in the ring, but all you have is time to react. Are we then pushed to train our reaction time in the hopes that we can become like Saenchai? Not quite. Because space is time. The more space we create, the more time we have. It is an immediate return. However, creating space isn’t as simple as it may sound.

We’re going to look at the specific example of a lean. Think about Saenchai’s leans versus Yodsanklai’s. Most people probably use Saenchai’s lean. But is it actually good? The two different leans/pulls are compared and contrasted in this video.

Muay Thai Southpaw Technique | Pull Back Defensive Lean

The ability to see is crucial in one’s ability to chain techniques together, or to defend a combination. When one technique lands, you better bet that a second one is coming, and if you’re not there to see the first technique coming, is it reasonable to expect that you’d be able to see the second one coming? That’s a problem we’ve addressed and will further address later, but let’s take a look at our own set-ups for now.

All this will come together.

Advanced Muay Thai Technique – Hook, Double Step Low Kick Setup

An offense too focused is blindness. If you watched UFC 198, you know how quickly your consciousness can be snatched away from you when you commit too much to offense. One swing is all it takes, but we’re going to be the ones delivering the swing. The backshift left-hook is the perfect technique to pair with the southpaw pull…well, you’ll just be doing a right-hook instead.

Anyhow, if you want to know why this is perfect, compare it to the southpaw jab presented in the first video, or see it through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Anuwat Kaewsamrit: The Backshift Left-Hook | Lawrence Kenshin

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