Muay Thai Southpaw Technique | Overhand Jab

How To Set Techniques Up With the Southpaw Overhand Jab

Fighting is a massive web.

Fighting exists as a giant flow chart in our mind; it’s counters and more counters.

The techniques we choose are chosen subconsciously through the grueling hours of technique and drill work. However, what happens when this flow chart is thrown upside down? Put simply, what happens when we face a southpaw? In the same way that we’re only as smart as our memory allows us to be, we’re only as proficient in combat sports as our muscle memory allows us to be. You cannot use techniques that aren’t drilled into your body any more than a computer can run software that it’s yet to download.

So, it’s always a tricky situation when a southpaw flips the script on you. Good news, though. Whatever the southpaw does, you can also do. However, the bad news is that they’ll probably do those same things better. Then maybe it’ll be time to program something into your software that the opponent is unfamiliar with. Flip the script on the script flipper. I present to you…the overhand jab:

Muay Thai Southpaw Technique | Overhand Jab

Some say that creativity is no more than a powerful associative memory, your ability to connect dots. Let’s see, connecting the dots leads to creativity, creativity leads to unpredictability, and unpredictability leads to knockouts. Well, then what happens if you give yourself a few acres worth of dots to play with? Well, then you’ve gotten yourself a wild array of madness that can knock out anyone…(think Andy Ristie and the Lucien Carbin style).

5 Key Muay Thai Techniques vs. Southpaw Opponents


One-trick pony is seldom ever applied correctly. Why? Because that trick can have millions of  ways to rear its ugly head. However, there are such tricks to eliminate variables, to strike fear into the fearful striker. We’ll  take a look at some of these tricks through the eyes of   Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Golden Era: Burklerk Countering the Southpaw Shock

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