Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick To Step Knee Setup

Destroy Livers With This Simple Knee Setup

Setups are the name of the game.

Almost every single finish of a fight can be attributed to a setup that the winner had been plotting from the very second the bell rang. But I’m preaching to the choir. We all know the importance of setups. The question we need answered is what are the best setups?

If you’re planning to get the KO with a right straight, a good setup will be a technique that looks like a right straight. Let’s take the southpaw rear kick, for example. Mirko Cro Cop often pairs his rear kick with his rear kick. Why? At the beginning of both movements, the rear shoulder will push forward.

Fighters are trained to react as quickly as possible by defending a technique as soon as they see the technique being initiated. However, the rear kick and the rear straight both have the same initiation in regards to the shoulder; therefore, it is impossible to tell which is coming.

Let’s dive into the video now and use the low kick to make our step knees just as invisible as a Cro Cop kick:

Need another way to destroy the liver? We’ve got the covered. However, more than just one technique to mess up the liver, we shall deliver you into the clinch. The clinch is where the hurt happens.

However, if you don’t know how to enter the clinch safely, you’ll be getting hurt before you even step into the clinch. Let’s cover safety:

Muay Thai Technique: Jab to Clinch Entry

Every fighter wants to be ahead of their opponent. By forcing your opponent to play catch up, you can always dictate the pace of the fight. And, of course, those who dictate the pace of the fight are more often the ones who win.

But how do you get ahead of your opponent? Let’s see how a Muay Thai legend accomplished it through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Muay Thai Chess Grandmaster: 8 Steps Ahead Ft. The Emperor

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