Muay Thai Reality Captures Sean Fagan Fighting in Thailand

Documenting Muay Thai Life: Training and Fighting in Thailand

face-offThe Muay Thai game is hard, the training is exhausting, and the fight itself is difficult. It might even be the most challenging experience you’ll ever face in your life! Far too often Muay Thai fighters are only portrayed as finished products; polished and perfect, especially online.

The reality of Muay Thai includes just as much hardship as success. However, it takes a special fighter, humble and transparent in character, to allow their dark side to be shown in the Muay Thai fight game.

In the second episode of Muay Thai Reality, Sean Fagan invites us behind the scenes and along for the ride as he trains at Khongsittha Muay Thai Gym and fights at Super Muay Thai in Bangkok, Thailand.

On the day of the weigh-in Sean said,

“This is actually one of the easiest weight cuts I’ve had to do since it’s a higher weight class. I woke up about 0.4 KG over. I only had to sweat out a little bit this morning and get some good blood flow going. I didn’t mind it at all. After this weight in, I’ll have about 36 hours to re-hydrate.”

Sean was weighing in to compete in a 4-man Muay Thai Tournament held at 68 KG (150lbs). The Tournament took place on Workpoint Channel, live Thai television. The other 3 fighters were from England, Uzbekistan, and Thailand. The first fight, Sean was matched up against the toughest opponent of them all.


I’m challenging the Thai in the first round, fuck yeah man; bring it on! It’s not supposed to be easy,” Sean said, after the weigh-ins.

Muay Thai RealityFrom the Bottom featuring Sean Fagan, tells his truth behind a fighter’s mindset, hard work, and results in the Muay Thai fight game. See for yourself:

Before this fight I had never met Sean before, I was an outsider looking in. I knew that he had traveled here to Thailand from Costa Rica. I knew that he was a successful individual with a “lifestyle career”. I also knew that he had guts to compete in a 4-man Muay Thai tournament on live Thai television.

From my perspective – as a Thai-American who has been a part of Muay Thai Culture since the age of 8 – Sean had already won. At the end of the day, it’s the story of life that matters and Sean had the most winning story out of all the competitors that night.clinch

Muay Thai needs to be presented in an authentic way. The Thai fighter went on to win the 4-man Tournament; he had more experience than the other 3 fighters combined.

Regardless of the outcome, Muay Thai Reality tells the true story behind training and fighting. The struggle, the success, the preparation, and the fight are what I want to show the World with this video series.

Muay Thai Reality shows training camp life and the day-to-day activities inside and outside of the gym. Sean prepared for this fight during one of the Thailand Training Camps at Khongsittha. While Sean was getting fight ready, others were training to improve their skills, transform their body, and experience the Thai culture.

Thailand Training Camp is for all of the above, to fight in Thailand and/or experience life through Muay Thai.

Prior to this fight, Sean hosted a Muay Thai Retreat in Costa Rica, with people from all over the world. There, Sean trained Muay Thai twice a day, in an open-air studio gym and on the beach.

From there, Sean traveled to Bangkok, Thailand and picked up his training in a modern Thai gym. No matter where Sean is in the world, he’s training Muay Thai with his friends and fans.

Become apart of this Muay Thai Reality and join us in Thailand at a Training Camp or Costa Rica on a Muay Thai Retreat.

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