Muay Thai Mondays: Will Judo Help My Clinch Game?

Can Training Judo Help My Muay Thai Clinch?

Have you ever contemplated whether or not learning Judo will help improve your Muay Thai clinch? Well you aren’t alone!

In this week’s Muay Thai Monday, fan Mike Erp asks if training Judo will benefit his clinch game… and this is our answer:

If you want to dive deeper into the Muay Thai clinch, be sure to check out this free 3-part video series that will show you some of my favorite clinch techniques and tactics.

Also, don’t forget that every week I will be releasing a new “Muay Thai Mondays Q&A Session” to answer your questions about techniques, fight strategy, mindset, nutrition and anything related to Muay Thai. If you’d like your question(s) answers AND if you want to win a free Nak Muay Nation t-shirt or tanktop, submit your question by:

  1. Filming yourself asking the question. If it’s technique oriented, try to show me what you mean.
  2. Upload it and email it to sean (at)
  3. BOOM! That’s it!

I hope you’ve been enjoying this new weekly segment! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and let me know your thoughts, comments and any suggestions for future episodes in the comments below (or on the video itself).

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