Muay Thai Mondays: What Techniques Can I Use To Enter The Clinch?

How Do I Enter The Clinch To Land Knees?

Sense weakness in your opponents clinch game and want to take full advantage of it? Then you MUST learn how to enter the clinch safely and effectively in order to minimize damage and create openings to land your knee and elbow strikes.

In this Muay Thai Monday Q&A, amateur fighter Ehsan asks us what type of techniques and tactics we like to use to enter the clinch so we can then unleash a barrage of knees and elbows on our opponents. Here are 3 clinch entry techniques that pro fighter Chris Mauceri likes to use to cover distance and gain superior positioning on the inside:

Getting the inside position on your opponent is the first step to controlling the clinch, but now you need to learn the most effective clinch techniques so you can truly capitalize on your superior positioning. Here are some of our favorite Muay Thai clinch techniques and sweeps that we like to use when battling on the inside:

Clinch Positioning and Turning Tactics – If you’ve ever wrestled or done any grappling art before, then you know how draining it is to handle another person’s entire body. The clinch can be much of the same, but with the proper tricks up your sleeve it can be quickly demystified.

3 Muay Thai Clinch Escape Techniques – Feel like you get stuck in your opponents clinch? These 3 clinch escape techniques are some of the most effective tools you can use to break free from the clinch so you can get back to exchanging on the outside.

4 Deadly Elbow Techniques Inside The Clinch – Slice and dice anyone who dares to come inside and clinch with you!

3-Part Video Series On the Clinch – If you enjoyed these clinch videos and want to continue learning more techniques, sweeps, knees and elbows from the inside position, then make sure to check out this free video series

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